Who are we?

Station 80 was created in 2019 by a single individual with a vision — to create a hub for passionate video game developers to come together and create special experiences.

The video game industry has become a joke to many, whether it be a scapegoat in politics, a cash cow for thirsty executives and investors, or an embarrassment through the mistreatment of frontline staff. Station 80 is going to change all of this … well, not really, but we’ll at least try to be different.

Station 80 Corp

We don’t take ourselves seriously and neither should you.

Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds

Rich is the guy who oversaw the construction of Station 80 somewhere in the Karstruck region. That was before he thought it would be a wise decision to upset the Kha’ak by moving this hulk of junk into their territory, resulting in them banning all high-waist jeans.